Meet Jean Anne:

Jean Anne understands adversity. She has pulled herself out of poverty. She has lost employment before and knows how discouraging searching for a new position can be. She has gone without health insurance and experienced the anxiety that comes with that lack. She has seen how foreclosures have affected our community.

All this boils down to one thing:

Jean Anne has empathy for those of us in need.


Jean Anne is a native of Hillsdale County. She was raised on a farm south of Camden.

Jean Anne understands the need of small businesses and entrepreneurs, With her husband Cy, she operated Passenger Car Inc., a train car leasing company.

Jean Anne knows the education system and its needs. She is presently a teacher with the Angola Schools system. She earned her B.A. and M.A. degrees from Indiana University.

Jean Anne's personal experiences enable her to take hold of the issues:
  • Farming

  • Education

  • Economic Development




    "I am committed to you the electorate. I come to you a clean slate: I have not accepted and will not accept monies or endorsements from any interest groups. I am not shackled by narrow and selfish concerns. I answer ONLY to the needs of this district. You, the community, are my employer."


   I am committed to job diversity. When the people of this district WORK,





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